hình ảnh Trump’s policies is posing threat to the US Tourism and Travel Industry

hoa dao
Francis Newman
Francis Newman There is concern in the travel industry of what has been called a Trump slump. Summer bookings for travel to the U.S. are down 3.5% over last year — while bookings are up for all other countries’ destinations according to ForwardKeys, a travel data firm.

“A perceived ‘anti-welcome’ sentiment appears to be taking a toll in key international markets,” Ernest Wooden Jr., president of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, told MarketWatch. A recent forecast found that his own Los Angeles County could potentially lose 800,000 international visitors over three years, totaling $736 million in direct tourism spending.

In 2016, business and leisure travel generated $2.3 trillion for the U.S. economy,supporting 15.3 million American jobs. In fact, inbound international travel is America’s largest service export. Payment for goods and services purchased by foreigners created an $87 billion trade surplus, larger than any other sector of the US economy. Without all those visitors, our $500 billion trade deficit would be roughly 20% larger, a big deal for the economy.

– – – ndb’s summary from Carrie Scherpelz, Opinion contributor from USAToday 7/22/2017


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